Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Fall

Oh my goosh! I haven't posted since July, lol. So like.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much has been going on i could never post about it all. But I'll just say a few things that has happened.

In July, I went to a second youth camp (Youth America) with my friends and it was SO FREAKING AMAZING! I might post some pictures later. I would do it now, but I'm using the laptop we just got, and it doesn't have any pictures on it. But YA was SO much fun. Definitely going back again next year!

Two close family friends got married! Reid is 17, and Kat turned 18 the day of their wedding. Young, but I think it'll work out. They got God on their side :)

I saw Eclipse. DEFINITELY the BEST of the three movies so far :) But I can't believe they didn't put the famous "eclipse" line in it!!!!!!!  Taylor looked great ;)

August 4th, my youth pastor's baby, Chloe, was born!!!! She's adorable! Love her :)

Maddie had another litter of kittens. Two adorable ones! (pics later). A beautiful blackish one, and a white one with black patches. I gave them two my friend Juliana :) Oh, and we gave Jinx away, but kept Kylie :) (Jinx and Kylie are from Maddie's first litter)

Started chemistry. It's hard sometimes! Because I'm having trouble with the lab notebooks, I have a D in chemistry now haha :P Gotta bring that up!!

Back in august, our youth group had a Speed The Light fundraiser by serving food to people in our church. Me, Jonathan, and Emily I think did a skit and it was fun :) We were so nervous we were shaking haha. I was sure people could tell, but mom said she couldn't so that's good haha. But it was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again!! :D

My best guy friend, Jonathan, turned 16 on August 24th!! He can drive! :O he's a great driver, so that's good haha.

Went to the Imax with mom and Taylor to see a show about dolphins and whales :) Then we walked around a little bit and saw a few things.

August 31st,.. GOT MY FRICKIN' PERMIT!!!!!!!!! :D I love driving!!!!!! I can get my license in February I think!!

All through the month of September, our youth had a thing called "september rush" where we ate every wednesday night, and had cool special things, and gave out prizes for stuff and other stuff haha.

Went to the fair with a bunch of friends and it was AWESOME!!! Jonathan asked Taylor out, and now they are an ADORABLE couple :D It's so cute, haha. He asked her out on one of the rides :) He was going to ask her on the ferris wheel, but me and two other friends were forced to ride in the same thing, so that didn't happen.. He asked her on one of the fast rides haha :P Then she came back to me and my friends with a HUGE smile and we're like "what??" *she keeps smiling* "what th-- OH!!!!!!!!!!" haha it was funny.

Went skating with my brother and 3 other friends and it was SOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Maggie sat down on some little car ride thing for little kids, and it goes, "You're fat!" haha

I got a new guitar teacher this year, and me and my brother are doing a cooking class by my friends mom. It's ok.

I took the ACT, and got my scores back yesterday. First time taking it, and I got a 21!! :D

Paul Walker turned 37.

Our youth had ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) which is where Mrs. Sara takes us girls somewhere (we went to the prayer room) and talks to us, while Pastor Dan talks to all the guys. It was a lot of fun! Us girls got to wear pjs and stuff :)

Went to the mall with Jonathan, Taylor, and Jon's older bro Daniel. It was a lot of fun!! Mostly just hung out and stuff. We also saw Toy Story 3 (my 2nd time seeing it). Loved it!!!

I've decided to go to UTM when i graduate, and me and mom went on a tour the other and i I LOVED IT!!!!!! Can't wait to move in haha.

Part of september rush, saturday, we had Super Sloppy Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!! And very messy! We played a game where the 3 people from each of the two teams (my team was Team Awesomest) had to stand in these two kiddy pools while the rest of the teams went to find 6 bananas, 2 chocolate syrup bottles, whip cream, and sprinkles (all of that was hidden everywhere) and then come back and put it all over the people in the pools. I was one of the peoples in the pools and it was awesome haha. I loved it!! Then we did a relay race. The two teams were in two lines, and we had to crawl to the baloons filled with shaving cream, pop it, then run to the slip and slide, then bob for grapes in water with noodles and then after all of our heads being stuck in it, the water was NASTY!!!!! And then we played an epic water balloon fight :) so it was AWESOME! Can't wait till next year :D Pics later

Friday, I'm most likely going to another fair with most of the same friends I went with to the last fair. Then saturday, our youth is having a Youth Rally and I CAN'T WAIT!! IT"S GOING TO BE SOOO COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I really hope my friend Teddy can come, because I haven't seen him since Youth America, but he lives two hours away so he might not be able to come. Also, like 25 people from some ministry thing are going to be there and at our church the next day, and they need people to stay with, so we're having 3 or 4 guys stay at our house :) I'm so excited to meet them!!!

Next friday, my friend Esther is having a birthday sleepover, and I'm excited!! :D

Ok, well I guess that covers most of it for now haha. :P I'll try to post later! Right now I'm supposed to be doing school.. So I guess I should get on that.

Oh! One last thing. For my english class, we have to have a blog to write things on, and because we're meeting on there once a month instead of class, so I'm using my writing blog for that :) I've already done two assignments, so check it out by clicking HERE!!!
K, that's all for now!!!


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Florida post 4

There's not much to post, but I'm bored, so I'ma post anyways.
Yesterday, me and Rachel pretty much just stayed in her room for the entire day and didn't really do anything. We were going to go on a bike ride, but then it started raining :( Then Mr. Daddy rented the 2nd and 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so we watched the 2nd one, then went to bed.

And today, we haven't really done anything either. We had doughnuts for breakfast (which, might I add, were delish!) and then kinda just did whatever. Then we watched the third POC and it was awesome but had an ending that needed to be continued in my opinion, but it won't be :(  The fourth POC is coming out in May of next year, but it won't be continuing the story... It's just about Jack, and I'm pretty sure its based off a book, and Will, Elizabeth, and Regetti aren't going to be in it!!! :( So it's not really Pirates of the Caribbean...

Oh, today, The Last Airbender came out!! I really want to see it. We MIGHT go see it tomorrow. Well, that's mine and Rachel's plan. We haven't talked to her parents about it yet, lol. But, hopefully we can.

My mom called a couple days ago, and she took Jesse to the vet, and she has hookworms and heart worms but I don't think it is that bad. But I'ma pray that it won't get worse. Especially the heartworms, because mom said it could get worse and it would be really expensive to do something about it. Oh, and Maddie is pregnant again.. I need to quickly find homes for her kittens Kylie and Jinx. Then, after she has this next litter, we're getting her fixed! Then I gotta find homes for them... :\ I'm attached to Kylie and Jinx though, so it's going to be hard to give them up :( But I have to...

So far, it's been eight days that me and Rachel have been together, and we haven't gotten on eachother's nerves that bad, so that's good. We came up with this lil thing to do everytime we start to argue or something, and it's really funny so we just laugh and forget about what we were arguing about :) Still got like a week left with eachother though.. But I think we can make it :) On our way back, we will be stopping at Rachel's reletives house in Georgia. Yup.

I'm bored, lol. I wish I had more to post about, but I can't really think of anything. Except that I'm listening to this song called "Somebody Out There" by David Archuleta, and I really like it!! Here, check it out:

It gives me a slight idea for a book or something. I hope it works out :) If I even start it, lol. I hope I will. I've been thinking about starting a story for a while now, and have been playing with different ideas, but haven't figured out a story line. I haven't even written anything down yet, lol.

One last thing before I go. I have decided to become a pirate.
All of my animals:

Valley - Quarter Horse/Arabian

Alan Bourdillon Traherne "Mississippi" - Quarter Horse

Alan Bourdillon Traherne "Mississippi" - Quarter Horse

Jesse - Border Collie Mix

Jesse - Border Collie Mix

Amy - mutt

Amy - mutt







Bella - Sugar Glider

Bella - Sugar Glider